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In Yogyakarta, almost 2 out of 10 men who have sex with men (MSM) are diagnosed HIV positive.
Do you know your status?

What is TestJOG?

TestJOG is an initiative of GWL-INA and APCOM to encourage men who have sex with men to get tested for HIV. We also provide sexual health information to protect you and the people you play with.

Whether you're having sex just for fun or with your loved one, we all need to take care of our sexual wellbeing.

Early diagnosis of an HIV infection increases the likelihood of keeping your body's immune system strong. With modern treatment options, antiretroviral medications (medication for HIV), you can stay healthy by keeping the virus in check.

At TestJOG, we’re here to tell you more about getting tested, and ensuring you have the information you need to make choices that are right for you and the people you play with.

It’s really quite simple: Fun. Love. Test. Repeat.